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Few things get cider geeks excited like ice cider. This rare and labor intensive elixir offers up such a high level of concentration, coupled with a unique and powerful balance between, sugar, acid and oxidation.

The style was first developed by Christian Barthomeuf in the winter of 1990 while working at Domaine des Cotes d’Artois in Durham, Quebec, where in 1980 he planted Quebec's first commercial vineyard. His first experiments with ice cider were not even allowed to be called ice cider; it wouldn't be until years later that the labeling laws could catch up.  Throughout the 1990's Christian advised and helped establish some of Canada's most important ice ciders, include La Face Cachée de la Pomme and Domaine Pinnacle

In 2002 Christian and his partner Louise Dupuis founded Clos Saragnat in Frelightsburg (one mile north of Vermont). This property would seek to once again reinvent ice cider by creating a product that was focused as much on the land and the trees as it would be on the contents on the glass. Adopting the principles of low intervention farming, the couple has sought out old and indigenous varieties to the St. Lawrence valley, while working with the existing abandoned and seedling orchards on the property to create something unique. This project is built for the long term discovery and innovation of apples and orcharding. 

The St. Lawrence Valley is noted in historic texts like Beach's 1905 Apples of New York as an excellent and unique terroir for apples in the Northeast. Through the brutal winters, generations of orchardist grew apple of incredible praise and interest. Unfortunately much of the diversity that was once described has vanished as commercial varieties like Cortlandt, Honeycrisp and Macintosh supplanted the heritage. Clos Saragnat is seeking to rebuild that tradition and write a new history around sustainability and high quality cider. 

Today their ice ciders are one of the few made through the process of cryoextraction meaning the cider is made from frozen apples rather than frozen juice. This labor intensive process requires apples to remain on trees deep into December until the temperature drops below 10C for three consecutive nights, after which they are picked and pressed before the frozen cores begin to thaw. This long freeze leads to a richer, more complex cider that is consistently the most prized in Canada.  

Clos Saragnat ciders are extremely limited with only a few cases making it this far south. These ciders are part of a grand experiment to develop and push the boundaries of our expectations of what apples can do, so it is a rare opportunity to taste something very special and important to our industry. 


Cidre de Glace "Avalanche"
$60, 375ml
A blend of four yet-to-be-named apple varieties that Christian and Louise have been cultivating for their ability to stay on the tree during the brutal Quebecois winter. This ice cider has a wonderful bronze color with tons of oxidative caramelized notes. 

Cidre Fermier Biologique "Des Bulles"
$30, 750ml
A pétillant style cider (not ice cider) made from "St. Edmund Russet" an excellent cider apple, "Great Alexander" a wild apple native to Russia, plus a few other wild varieties they have propagated. Natural sparkling; wild, earthy and crazy.


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