Sundström Cider Launch

  • Wassail 162 Orchard Street New York, NY 10002 USA

Leif Sundström started Sundström Cider in the Hudson Valley after 10 years of working in the wine industry as a beverage director, harvest assistant and cellar hand at Boedecker Cellars, and Portfolio Manager of Terry Theise Estate Selections at Skurnik Wines. After leaving Skurnik, Leif spent a harvest season at Weingut Leitz in Rüdesheim, Germany before moving to the Hudson Valley to explore the potential of cider. Leif produces his ciders with a combination of select wild harvest apples, heirlooms, cider apple varieties, and several species of crab apples in an effort to make vinous, age-able ciders that speak of place.

Right after giving a seminar at Wassail earlier in the day ("So you want to start your own cidery"), Leif will be debuting two special release ciders this evening:

2015 Cider Federweißer
In Germany, to celebrate the end of the grape harvest and the beginning of a successful wine making season, there are town-wide gatherings where every winery shares their Federweißer (translates to 'white as a feather'), a sample of still fermenting juice made white and cloudy by the turbulent yeasts, still sweet since it has not yet fermented to dryness and lightly alcoholic. Leif will bring down carboys so you will get a chance to taste a sample of this year's cider still in the throngs of fermentation! A rare treat for the public.

Sundström Cider, Columbia County, 2014
Made with 60% Northern Spy, 40% Newtown Pippin - both important North American heirloom varieties that were once leading apples in the Hudson Valley region. All the apples for this bottling were grown in Columbia County, NY. The cider was fermented slow and cool for approximately 6 weeks without temperature control before being aged in a vat for 5 months, with an additional 6 months on the lees in bottle. No filtration, no fining, methode champenoise, without disgorgement. The cider is high-toned and vinous with an incredibly long finish, and bone-dry.

All are welcome (21+) to this pay-as-you-go event.