CIDER WEEK: So You Want to Start Your Own Cidery (Session 2)

  • Wassail 162 Orchard Street New York, NY, 10002 United States

For 15 years Seth Jones has been exploring the back roads, trails, and forests of East Hollow along the western foot of the Taconic Ridge. There he has found and harvested “orphan apples” and turned them in to unique, complex and original ciders. Twelve years ago he began planting hundreds of trees grafted from these wildlings and from more traditional cider varieties. 

Splitting time between Manhattan and his upstate home, he spends his weekends orcharding, foraging and searching for old apples. With East Hollow Cider officially coming online in summer of 2016, he's transforming his life so he can do it full time. In his words, “It's quite insane."

Join Seth for a tasting as he talks about how he became obsessed with apples and cider, and about his trials and tribulations in obtaining a cidery license.

Lindsey Zahn, an attorney who focuses her practice on alcohol beverage and food regulation, will also be on hand with helpful hints.

* Stay tuned for other first-year producers who will also be in attendance.