CIDER WEEK: Golden Russet apples to cider

  • Wassail 162 Orchard Street New York, NY, 10002 United States

The Golden Russet apple is one of most fascinating grown in New York state. This Early American Finger Lakes' seedling has become a signature of the rebirth of American cider, for its rich, intense flavor makes its mark in any cider in which it is used.

Join us for an exploration of this iconic American apple. It will be a unique chance to dive into one of the most comprehensive collections of Golden Russet ciders ever assembled. Autumn Stoscheck of Eve's Cidery will share her intimate understanding of the personality of the Golden Russet, and we'll get to the core (pun intended) of what makes the Finger Lakes one of the country's leading cider regions. 

In addition to cider, Darlene Hayes and Dan Pucci have assembled a collection of fresh Golden Russet apples gathered from across New York state and select other parts of the country that we will taste and see what we can learn about the diversity in American terroir and how it might impact the ciders of different regions. This is a rare opportunity not to be missed.

Taste the apple, then a number of Golden Russet ciders (mostly single-varietals) gathered from across the country:
Aaron Burr Cidery Golden Russet
Embark Craft Ciderworks Russet
Eve's Cidery Golden Russet
Sundström Cider Golden Russet
Wandering Aengus Ciderworks Golden Russet
... and more to come!