At the Bar - Argus Cidery

  • Wassail 162 Orchard Street New York, NY, 10002 United States

Curious to see what cider made from Texas and Arkansas apples taste like?

According to Argus Cidery's Wes Mickel, "In Texas, they grow some of same varietals as in Washington. But due to the soil, the heat, and the dry air conditions, the fruit composition is completely different." Argus seeks to highlight these regional differences: they want to make cider that tastes like Texas.

The following ciders will be available at Wassail -

1. Stellar - This single varietal highlights the richness derived from the Stellar apple, known for its balance of sugar and acid concentration. Made in a hybrid West County/Austrian fashion, this cider highlights a full bodied character with wild yeast notes, finishing with a slight oak from maturation in French and American cider casks. Finishes long with light bubbles.

2. Perennial - This blend delivers a straightforward apple palate, with a finish of natural ambient yeast characters and the residual flavors from aging in French and American Oak. The blend of apples includes 55% Blaze, 20% Gala, 10% Mutsu, 10% Johnathan, 5% Cameo.

3. Ciderkin - Traditional Ciderkin is made from reconstituted apple pomace that is pressed and fermented wild to produce a low ABV—dry cider style. Expounding on that tradition, Argus employs a yeast blend that finishes dry, yet still preserves a prominent stone fruit nose and apple palate.

4. Ginger Perry - Inspired by an affinity towards spicy ginger beer/ales, the unpasteurized Ginger Perry is distinctly dry and has balanced notes of ginger, stone fruit, and citrus. Residual sugar is present but the flavor is not too sweet.

All y'all are welcome to this pay-as-you-go event!