Oliver’s + Angry Orchard - Cidermaker Dinner Series

  • Wassail 162 Orchard Street New York, NY, 10002 United States

The old farm in Herefordshire where Oliver’s Cider sits has been producing cider and perry for at least three centuries. Not much has changed there in that time. These days, Tom Oliver runs the show and uses only fresh (mostly hand-picked) unsprayed fruit, with minimal intervention. Cattle and sheep graze the orchards year-round, providing nitrogen and natural weed prevention.

The pears and apples are picked at full ripeness, sometimes stored to mature further, then washed, milled and, whenever necessary, macerated. Then they are pressed and fermented by wild yeasts and aged in old oak barrels for up to 10 months, before being blended and then bottled. Tom believes that it is the tannic varieties of fruit coupled with the heritage of traditional cider making in the county that allow this, in part, to work.

Ryan Burk, previously of Michigan’s Virtue Cider, currently heads up Angry Orchard’s new experimental orchard-cidery-visitor center in Walden, NY. There, he is crafting small batch ciders to test out new recipes, ingredients and techniques, and to push the boundaries of barrel aging and wild fermentation.

His encounter with Tom Oliver’s Herefordshire Dry Cider, a dry barrel-fermented cider, opened his eyes to what cider could be. Nine years later and with Tom’s mentorship, Ryan is experimenting with growing bittersweet varieties, blending, aging, and wild fermentation - enhancing the quality of cider that may be associated with Angry Orchard. Wassail’s Dan Pucci is particularly excited to showcase Ryan’s vintages, indicating that they are among the most compelling ciders he has had.

Join us for a four-course meal paired with six ciders from both Oliver’s and Angry Orchard. Tom and Ryan will in attendance.

The menu:

Cold-Smoked Duck | Plums, brioche, shiso
Caramelized Carrots | Corn, pomegranate molasses, basil
Roasted Pork Loin | Baby fennel, mustard cream sauce, tempura kale
Panna Cotta | Peach compote, streusel

* Kindly inform us of any dietary restrictions