La Garagista is a Vermont-based winemaker making their first foray into the world of cidermaking. We use the phrase "first foray" loosely, as their solera-style ciders are actually seven years in the making. We're making 'Bouleverser' and 'Stolen Roses' available as pre-orders for pick-up at Wassail. The due date for orders is this Tuesday, 2/14, at noon.


On top of Mount Hunger just outside of Barnard, Vermont lives a couple of remarkable winemakers. Since their first vintage in 2010, Deirdre Heekin and Caleb Barber of La Garagista have been redefining viticulture in New England. As a result, their acclaimed wines are found in several states as far as California.

While their wines were finding a thirsty audience around the country, Deirdre was making traditional cider with a combination of estate and wild apples, seeking to create a unique Vermont style. She says:

"We began this cider in 2010 by putting the first vintage to work in an old bourbon barrel. We learned about cider from an old dairy farmer named Kermit. He was the grandfather of a good friend of ours. We had tasted our friend’s cider, his father’s and his grandfather’s on occasion, and we thought - ‘this is the cider we dream of making.' Kermit taught us that old farmhouse cider in Vermont doesn’t get interesting until its third year in barrel, and doesn’t get good until six years. He taught us to add each new vintage to a portion of the last, essentially creating a mother that tells the story not only of each vintage, but of the long lineage created from year to year. This cider is an assemblage of 2010-2015, seasons marked by both rain and drought, including a hurricane. For a second fermentation in bottle, the base was naturally inoculated with juice from our 2015 vintage, using the sugars and yeasts from our fruit, landscape, and cellar.”

These two high elevation biodynamic ciders are the next frontier for one of Vermont's leading fermentation advocates. Check out these Italian inspired ciders, and the rich cider culture that existed there before Mussolini deemed apples un-Italian.


$40, 750ml
Bouleverser means bowled over, bubbled over, exuberant, gobsmacked. It's a blend of 17 varieties of apples of mostly American heirloom varieties.

$45, 750ml
Stolen Roses is an homage to an ancestral style of cider once made in northern alpine Italy called vin ëd pom. This style is fermented on the lees and skins of Marquette, a red grape grown along Lake Champlain.


This is a limited time offer so please have your orders ready by noon Tuesday 2/14/17. Bottles can be picked up at Wassail during business hours. There is unfortunately no shipping for these items.

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